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Touch Pads

Touch Pads
Input device mainly used in laptops instead of a mouse. By moving your finger over the touchpad you move the cursor.
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  1. Elo Touch Solutions I-SERIES 3.0 ANDR8.1 10.1IN HD1 touch pad Black

    10-inch I-Series for Android with Google Play Services (3.0)
    kr 5 580,30
    18 På lager
  2. Apple Magic touch pad Wired & Wireless Silver

    Apple Magic, Silver, MacOS, 160 mm, 114.9 mm, 10.9 mm, 230 g
    kr 1 454,30
    328 På lager
  3. Apple Magic Trackpad touch pad Wired & Wireless Black

    Magic Trackpad - Black Multi-Touch Surface
    kr 1 648,85
    75 På lager

3 Produkter

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