Zebra Z-Band UltraSoft Blue, White Hospital wristband

Z-Band UltraSoft, Adult, 25 x 279 mm, Blue Border


Zebra Z-Band UltraSoft. Type: Hospital wristband, Product colour: Blue, White, Coloration: Monotone. Size (imperial): 27.9 cm (11″)

ZD510-HC Z-Band Wristbands
Zebra’s ZD510-HC allows you to print patient information and barcodes directly on Z-Band direct thermal wristbandsThe wristband is the cornerstone of patient safety. If a wristband fades and fails to scan, patient care and safety and workflows are compromised. Zebra’s Supplies Research and Development developed Z-Band to be one of the most durable direct thermal wristbands in the market. With over 3 billion patients identified since 1998, you can rely on Zebra.

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